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Courage of Creativity 🖍

Creativity requires us to push beyond our fear of the unknown and trust in our natural inclinations and abilities. People frequently tell me, “you work with kids and do play therapy, you must be so creative” and my immediate response is, “I’m not creative at all, I still draw stick people.” After some self-reflection I’ve realized that my artistic ability, or lack there of, is not the type of creativity that these individuals are referring to. It is my genuine comfort in walking into the playroom with a child and my ability to be wholeheartedly accepting of the uncertainty that is about to unfold.

Children express their authentic feelings in the moment, which can lead to unpredictable behaviors at inconvenient times. Parenting through these moments is stressful and anxiety provoking. I frequently sit with parents in these moments and encourage them to look beyond this stress to examine the uncertainties that lie beneath. Is it a fear of being judged for your parenting? Is it a fear that your child is expressing socially inappropriate emotions? Is it a fear that you’re not good enough? Whatever your uncertainty may be, I challenge you to be courageous in facing this fear. Let go of your need to be certain in the art of parenting. Allow your natural creativity to shine through and trust that you will be exactly what your child needs today!

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