Lake Norman Counselors


Welcome to the Lake Norman Counselors Blog! We are all so excited to have another platform to advocate, educate, and connect with our community.

So, first things, first… introductions! We are Lake Norman Counselors. Technically our legal name is LKN Counselors, PLLC but we also go by LKNC for short.

We are a group practice specializing in counseling, massage therapy, and nutrition services. Our providers and clinicians work collaboratively, and our primary goal is to help you and your family live a life full of passion and joy.

Empowering Every Step of the Way! 

We recognize that to truly enjoy life and embrace wellness, you need to be feeling your best both mentally and physically. That’s why our team of specialists work across various disciplines to ensure both the physical and mental health of your family. Our team consists of clinical mental health counselors, a registered dietitian nutritionist, and a massage therapist.

In the next couple of posts, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from each of our providers, learn about their specialities, and hear their unique voice.

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